AL Bustan Mixed Use Complex

AL Bustan Mixed Use Complex

VISIONSYS installed a substantial network infrastructure, including 12,000 network points for passive structured cabling. Additionally, they provided active components for the CCTV and Access Control System (ACS) to enhance security.

The collaboration between VISIONSYS and ASPM for the Al Bustan Mixed Use Complex project marks a significant milestone in enhancing connectivity, security, and functionality within this dynamic and multifaceted complex. VISIONSYS was entrusted with the task of establishing a robust and comprehensive network infrastructure that addressed the diverse needs of this vibrant complex.

Scope of Works

  1. 12,000 Network Points for Passive Structured Cabling: VISIONSYS played a pivotal role in creating a strong foundation for the Al Bustan Mixed Use Complex by installing an extensive network infrastructure. This included the deployment of 12,000 network points for passive structured cabling. These points serve as the backbone for seamless connectivity, enabling tenants, businesses, and organizations within the complex to access vital communication services effortlessly.

  2. Active Components for CCTV and ACS System: Security is paramount in today’s mixed-use complexes, and ASPM recognized the importance of a state-of-the-art security system. VISIONSYS provided active components that augmented the complex’s security, including the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) and Access Control System (ACS). These components enable advanced surveillance and controlled access, enhancing the safety and peace of mind of the complex’s occupants.

  3. Customized Network Solutions: Al Bustan Mixed Use Complex presented unique networking requirements due to its diverse range of tenants and purposes. VISIONSYS’s approach was highly customized, ensuring that the network infrastructure met the specific needs of tenants and visitors while remaining scalable for future expansion.

  4. Efficient Project Management: Managing a project of this scale and complexity demands efficient project management. VISIONSYS worked closely with ASPM to ensure that project milestones were met, and all components of the network infrastructure were integrated seamlessly.

VISIONSYS is proud to have contributed to the development and success of the Al Bustan Mixed Use Complex. Our commitment to excellence in network infrastructure and security solutions aligns perfectly with the vision of creating a modern, secure, and well-connected space for businesses and individuals. We look forward to continuing our partnership with ASPM and supporting their endeavors to make the Al Bustan Mixed Use Complex a vibrant and thriving hub for the community.

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VISIONSYS was responsible for the supply, installation, and commissioning of a video intercom system across ten buildings in the ETIHAD PLAZA. This system likely enhances communication and security within the complex.

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